I did a very interesting thing this morning.
Georgi called me last night and had the "greatest" idea - that since we didn't go the gym ONE time last week, we should go at 6:00 this morning! Wouldn't that be just dandy!
So - I did it. I rose up out of my bed/sarcaphogus (which is what it feels like at 5:30 am) at an ungodly hour -gathered my goodies and left.
I got there for 6:30.
No Georgi.
I got on the elliptical and began working out. Fifteen minutes passed.
No Georgi.
20 minutes.
No Georgi.
Finally she arrives just as I'm finishing up elliptical. 357 calories burned thankyouverymuch.
So - she mumbled something about Jimmy (her new beau) - ah -how could I have known?
And then we moved on - did legs and abs and stretches. It was fun overall. I wasn't mad about her being late or anything. I understand that sort of crap. Actually I was rather proud of myself because I should be the one showing up late - when you think about it. But - I was good. Hurray for me.
(Might I also add that I'm in a ridiculously foul mood.)
Anyway - so the bad part didn't come until the whole shower bit. We had 30 minutes to get ready. Ok - no biggie. I wasn't going to wash my hair - since I'd washed it last night. Just my body.
Anyway - of course the entire room was wet. AND you have to pass through this sauna area to get to it and my lovely straight hair just curled up and DIED. Well- it didn't curl so much as poof and puff. Horrific.
So I'm trying to devise a scheme to somehow NOT have to be naked in front of these Y women that have flocked to the locker room. I decide that I will undress in the shower stall, hang my filthy clothes on the wall - along with my towel, dry off and then put my filthy shirt back on and exit. This whole thinking process was laborious - not to mention I had no shower shoes and suddenly felt like I was in prison as soon as I turned the water on.
Anyway - not too much fun. No sir.
I put the filthy shirt back on and half hobbled back to the locker area. I then proceeded to try and figure out how to expose myself the least - all the while trying not to stare at a 75 year old woman squeezing into a blue bathing suit.
So - in the end - all was ok except for my hair. I guess when I have a child this will all change. That was my logic for why these women had absolutely no shame - because they all looked like they had children. I've heard that having a baby takes away the last shred of dignity you might still be holding onto.
Anyway - this could have been funnier - but I 'm too tired.
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