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So – we met with the counselor last night.

Quite interesting.

Actually, before meeting with the counselor, we had a small tiff about “why do we need to meet with the counselor?” As you may know, I can’t go into details, but there was a mini-crisis about 3 months ago and things are progressing well – but I feel like counseling is a vital part of the process – even if the catalyst happened 3 months ago. I’m one of these God, meds and counseling type of people. This is my prescription for most problems. He seemed to think it would be like reopening a wound and weren’t we doing okay? Okay so yes I know that things are good – but . . . I suppose we both had good points.

So – we went.

I liked her. She was quite funny. She reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Oh wait- I know. She reminded me of this woman that I used to work with in the hellhole – this woman that was wonderful and reminded me of my mom.

Anyway – so we talked things through. Of course, once my liturgy entered the room, we had to trip over that for about 30 minutes. Ok – so I have a traffic-stopping liturgy. Well – maybe not traffic stopping.
Anyway – so that whole conversation had to happen. The cancer. And the ex-boyfriend. And the depression. And the drugs and self-destruction.
Actually, we didn’t even talk about the whole parents divorcing after 26 years/Dad marrying internet love interest/Mom marrying and moving to Minnesota deal.
I guess we didn’t need to talk about all the things that have chipped away at my sanity and well-being. We hit the high points, I think.
Anyway – she immediately put us on even ground – so no one was the “poor pitiful victim.” This was an interesting strategy and one that I admired. She also really got Chad to think about some things – I could tell that he was impressed.

Overall – I think it was great. We actually even talked about the fact that he didn’t think we needed to go – or at least, that he thought it may add to the problems. She had a really good commentary on that issue and it was like – Oh . . . hmmm … that makes sense. Wow!

She was also very “no pressure.” She was all – “this whole thing is totally up to you guys – if you think you want to come back and see me – I think it would do you good. If you think that you can work it out amongst yourselves – I trust your judgment.”

We ended in a prayer circle and she led us in the prayer. I got teary and gave Chad a bear hug after the amen – which I think surprised him a little. Then we all hugged. It was semi-cliché but still very worthwhile.

Then of course, she says – “okay that will be $90 cash or check.”
And then reality hit. Oh crap. I forgot we have to pay for this. And weren’t we supposed to “work something out” since our insurance doesn’t cover it? There was no conversation though. I began to bring it up, but had already been shushed once when I was trying to answer questions for Chad during the session. I said to myself – I’ll let him have this one. He handles the money.
But – he said nothing. Mumbled something about American Express and then took the check envelope and promised to pay later. Anyway – he’s supposed to be emailing her.
After discussing things further at home we decided that we’d like to go back – but we can’t afford $90 – not even every two weeks. So he’s going to email her. I really wish we could have discussed it there last night – when there was love and community and brotherhood in the air.
Oh well . . .
So – I suppose we’ll see.

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