An Ode to My Pinky Toe

Oh woe
Oh woe
Is my pinky toe.
Crammed in shoes
Likely meant for a ho.

Black and stiletto
And sexy as hell
Yet pinky toe has another tale to tell

He’s screaming and cramped
And he’s finished with me
“So take these damn shoes off
And let me be free”

He screams this with anger
And fiery rage
He demands his release
From this tight leather cage

And so I oblige him
Remove the black trap
And wouldn’t you know it?
My feet smell like crap.

Guess that’s what I get.
Oh joy! What a treat!
The enticing aroma
Of panty-hose feet.

Eventually these knee highs
will be left in tatters
But pinky toe’s happy
And that’s all that matters.


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