The Speech

Ah! My sugar has dropped. I'm shaky and I don't feel well. NOT good. I hate this. I really need to get this checked out.
Anyway - the weekend was GREAT! I gave my little speech on Sunday in both services and it was really well-received. Apparently, a lot of people cried- which is always neat - when you can actually bring people to tears. And you know - I mean, I know my liturgy is a mile long and I really didn't want to act like I was up there telling a sob story. I don't think it came across that way though.
After the service, this girl came up to me and could hardly talk - she kept crying. I think my story is a lot of people's story, too.
And then people kept saying - that really took a lot of guts. Which I still can't really fathom - because I didn't feel that I had any rush of bravery or anything like that.
Anyway - I'll go for now.
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