Prick Test

So – just sitting here at work – just got back from lunch – actually. Went early to combat these sugar issues. Don’t know what’s going on as of last with all of that but my Granny is going to let me borrow her glucometer so I can start doing those little prick tests.
Heh heh.
That’s kinda funny.
Imagine if there were a real prick test:

1. Do you enjoy seeing women and small children cry?
2. Does causing harm to helpless and innocent animals bring you an extreme (almost sexual) sense of pleasure?
3. Do you feel that you are the ONLY person on the highway that REALLY knows how to drive?
4. Do you use the words “Mom” and “bitch” in the same sentence often?
5. Have you been on Maury Povitch one or more times as a “possible biological father”?
6. Do the words “Where’s my supper, ho?” frequently exit your mouth?
7. Do you aspire to be as kind and tolerant as Eminem?
8. When people talk about Hitler, do you find yourself thinking “Ehhh – he wasn’t such a bad guy . . .”?
9. Do you do that whole “pull my finger” routine?
10. Do you think giving Christmas gifts is for losers and “that bitch can pick out and buy her own damn gift”?
If you answered YES to four or more of these questions, you just might be a PRICK!

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