Zen and the art of Living Room Sanctuaries

So – yesterday afternoon, Dr. R gives me this little project – which results in me having this burst of creativity. I tell you, that’s all you have to do is just tell me to come up with a few “creative concepts” for a powerpoint or a speech about something – I’m ALL OVER it! Which leads me to wonder . . . why am I like this? This means something. What can you do if that’s your talent? Coming up with random crap like that. I remember back in school, when we had to find a topic for a science fair project or a paper – I had like 20 different concepts – and most people couldn’t come up with one. (NOT that I’m trying to say I’m better than others – mind you . . .)

Anyway – so I’m thinking that somewhere out there – is some sort of company which needs a person like me. Is there some sort of “creative think tank” out there – where people get paid to conceptualize? Notice, I said, conceptualize – and not actually make those concepts happen. That’s where I usually fall flat on my face. Although – I do bring a good bit of my ideas to fruition – on a small scale that is.

So – I’m rolling like crazy with concepts for this speech she has to do in about 3 weeks. She’s quite impressed with this, too. She’s all “this is really your gift!” I was quite happy.

Anyway, I leave at 5:15, a little late, because I can’t stop searching the web for more concept ideas – and then drive home – all the while thinking up more ideas. Chad calls. He’s had a rough day. He has to run all of these errands. He has to mail all of these things for the company through Fedex. He’s exhausted. He’s been crawling around under desks installing things all day. He’s been dealing with frustrated state workers. He’s been wearing the mask of civility for a bit longer than he can usually stand (this is Chad, remember?). He doesn’t think he can make it to Alpha. He’s dead tired.

Ok – I say. We don’t HAVE to go. I can heat up the leftover pizza. We can relax at home. Don’t feel bad. Then the “concept” hits me. I’m going to turn the living room into a zen-ish nirvana sanctuary – tons of candles and new age music going (you know the kind with babbling brooks and rainstorms in the background and Chinese flutes and kyotos in the foreground – much akin to the stuff they put on when you get a massage or a facial at a spa).

So – I do it! I race around trying to find this CD I made 3 years ago for Yoga purposes. I finally find it and put it in the player. Then I begin transporting candles from all over the house – hoping that I somehow will not cause a fire. Imagine – hi honey – come on in and relax in your CHARRED SHELL OF A HOUSE!

Luckily, there were no fires to put out.

So – I then post a note on the door that says, “Welcome to Nirvana. Prepare to relax . . .” He comes in and I’m lounging on one of the couches – the music is going, the candles are glowing throughout the room. The look on his face was priceless. Like a child walking in on his Santa gifts on Christmas morning. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Sit down, sir. You need to relax.”

He gets into his recliner and reclines. I take off his shoes and socks for him. He looks at me with the most loving of looks. “I love you SO much” he whispers.

It was really great. We just lounged there for almost an hour – listening to the yoga music in the candlelight and being quiet. I began to cry at some point – because I looked over at him and he looked so relaxed and rested – and it’s very rare that I see him looking like that. He’s always on the go – or frustrated – or busy – or anxious – or something. So it made me cry. Awww.

Go ahead and laugh you cheesy cynics.

Anyway – so I got up and heated up our pizza leftovers and then quietly brought our dinner into the “sanctuary.” It’s really strange how soft music and candles can turn your living room into a place of refuge. We barely spoke above a whisper. And you know what else?!?! I’ve NEVER eaten slower than I did last night! Which leads me to believe that I need to wear headphones while eating so that I don’t devour my food like a starved wolf. It was very interesting to say the least.

And no this did not lead to some wild sex. Cause “Aunt Flow” is here. AND because I didn’t want to put pressure on him to perform, etc.

Speaking of Aunt Flow – I bought the “plus size” pads. Pretty good, actually. Although I will say that the “flexi wings” do NOT stick to the microfiber undies I bought the other day (yes they are pink). So – it leads me to believe that they don’t stick to any microfiber undies but instead bunch up and stick to your thigh creases or other sensitive places (ouch!).

Anyway – on that note – I will dash.

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