Marriage . . . Hmpf!

October 30, 2004
Well folks- good morning. Or should I say - good almost afternoon. Actually-the morning wasn't so hot. Because Chad yelled at me about the state of my car and then proceeded to go into a rant about the filthiness of the house, etc.

I was all set to deliver a speech that began with

"Listen buddy - you just better wake up from your little fantasy world where I am your slaving wife and you come and go as you please. I don't know who you THINK you are or WHY you think that your baby soft beefy mitts are allergic to dirty clothes, but if you don't start lifting your chubby digits to help me - then . . ."

And then I was like - "Nah"
You have to pick your battles in marriage. This was one that I wasn't about to start.

Of course I could have pulled out the old "well I know that since your mother never worked and slaved her life away at home day after day cleaning and making things perfect for when her roly poly baby came home from school you think that it's the way things are going to go around here - but here's a newsflash junior - I WORK! And I work hard! And if you think that we're both going to put in 40 or 45 hour weeks and then I'm going to be responsible for every damn pair of underwear that you stain up well you can just . . ."

Again - Nah.

Anyway - needless to say I've been straightening up. NOT because he pitched a fit, mind you - but because I need to. I think I mentioned a while back that I was appalled at the state of the house.

My throat was MUCH sorer when I woke up this morning. Pooh.

Well off to do more cleaning.

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