PG Update

November 02, 2004
Oh yeah

I took a pregnancy test on Sunday morning and I am NOT pregnant. So once again - the fears are unfounded and ridiculous.

However- we did talk more about actually trying to get pregnant on Sunday night as we handed out candy to adorable little costumed toddlers. Made the desire for kids spring to life again. We're not sure when, though.

So - just sitting here at the front desk answering the phones. It's raining cats and dogs outside and I'm terrified that I'll get pneumonia. Am still sick but decided to come in today. You know how that whole martyr game goes. You're faxing items in your delirium. Your boss is urging you to go home. You say "Oh NO! Not me! I've got TOO much work to do! I can make it! I'm TOUGH!"

Personally I think she's just tired of hearing me snot, cough and sneeze.

I just may head out. Who knows?

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