The Rest of the Wedding and Job News

November 10, 2004
Ok – so for the rest of the wedding.

Can’t seem to remember where I left off. Ah – the PJ incident.

Ok- so Friday I woke up feeling quite ill again. Don’t know if I mentioned that I’ve been sick for the past week or so. Didn’t go into work last Monday kind of sick.

So – I made Jessie’s programs for the wedding and then attempted to rest for most of the day. Kept getting about a million phone calls. Several from people calling to “check in on to see how I was doing” to which I wanted to respond – “well, I’d be doing a lot better if I didn’t keep getting woken up every 30 minutes.” Oh well.

That night was the rehearsal dinner – which was fun. Then we hung out at the church preparing for the next day - sending my brother to Walmart for forgotten items – laughing and having a good time. I really do cherish moments like that – when all of my family is assembled – steps included- and we’re all working together on a project- making jokes, etc. It was great.

Saturday, of course, was the wedding. Bought a smoothie for my sister and I – to keep our energy up – and then finished preparing for the wedding.

The wedding was surprisingly uneventful. No horror stories. No crazed elderly retired Baptist minister uncle mentioning divorce in the first 30 seconds or managing to somehow throw in the words “illegal substances” in the ceremony (as was the case at our wedding.)

It was . . . nice. All went as planned. No one dropped any rings or ran from the altar or ended up lighting anything on fire. No one fainted. Actually – I do think I heard one screaming baby – but it was quickly taken out of the room.

Anyway – the reception was also nice. The fried turkey with my savory cranberry walnut spread was a big hit. Everything looked beautiful. It was fun.

So – that’s about all, folks.

So – today was board day again. Not as boring as last time. It ended early. Then of course I get free lunch – so that’s always good. Hmmm – what else???

I know this is going to sound batty – but I’m thinking about applying for another job. A job in our offices, mind you – but . . . It’s a job in the PR department and it’s almost as though the description were written for me. AND Dr. R did say that she hoped to transition me into that department after a few months of working with her because “I was too talented and too creative to just continue being someone’s secretary.” So – here we are. The job has come open. At first I hesitated. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to work for the person because I kept hearing conflicting things – and this scared me. After working in hell for 2 years, WHO you work for is as important as WHAT you do – I’m convinced. So – I’m going to talk with her this afternoon about me applying. I already spoke with Dr. R about it yesterday and she told me that I should do whatever is best for my career and this just may be it. She was ultra cool about it.

So – I will keep you posted.
Oh- and as for the Exdedrin Migraine- I LOVE IT!!! It actually works! For about a solide week - I was taking it daily - and went through a 24 capsule bottle in - about a week, I suppose. But I'm not taking it as often, I swear.

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