November 11, 2004
Watching the front desk.


Just got back from lunch with Georgi. We went to Cici's pizza. Fat disaster if there ever was one. And the pizza's not so hot - but those cinnamon rolls!!! TO DIE FOR!

So - not much new since I last wrote. Chad is going out of town on Sunday - back to Phoenix for more training. So - I think I'll have Georgi stay over while he's gone. She really wants to get away from her sister and I'm not crazy about staying alone. I mean, I'll do it - but . . . So that will be fun.

Man - I really am getting tired of having to sit up here. I mean, granted, it means that I can goof off some, but I have actual work to get done around here.

Oh yeah -I know what I wanted to share. I was emailing my cousin earlier and explaining to her about our primary care physician.

Turns out that our PCP is a SAMPLE WHORE! So whatever he has in abundance (sample-wise) just magically seems to be the best thing for his patients. Hmmmm - guess we should have realized this as we wrote our copay check with a Wellbutrin ink pen on a Vioxx clipboard.

And then were given a Viagra post-it with our next appt scribbled on it.

(Also his Procrit tattoo should have been a giveaway as well-heheh)

Seriously though - what happens is that your body becomes acclimated to this drug that you've been given a month of free samples of and then you "need" it and when you go to fill the damn thing -there's no generic and its $200 a month - but by that point - you HAVE to keep taking it. It's a sick little game - not unlike street tactics (the first hit is always free, right?)

Chad and I have noticed that every time we go in for an appointment, there are at least 3 or 4 pharmaceutical reps lingering about. Sick! So I don't know what to do about all of that. It's pretty hard to change doctors when you've been seeing them for more than 12 years.

Oh well...

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