Prozac Poop-out?

November 22, 2004
I just began doing my own research about my current state of depression (yes, I'm STILL depressed) and discovered that there is something called Prozac Poop-out in which the drugs just stop working. For some, it happens after one year - others say it took 6 years, etc. Either way - I am TERRIFIED that it is happening to me. Thank God I'll be able to talk to my doctor about it on Wednesday - he's the one that put me on the stuff.

I am so depressed that I have trouble not crying. And I know circumstantial things are going on here at work making me feel worthless and incompetent- and that's all fresh, etc, but I know that something else is lurking. The "old me" is beginning to return. I can sense it. I broke down into tears TWICE over the weekend. I'm so scared I don't even know what to think. So much of who I now am is wrapped up in my usual happy "nothing gets YOU down, Ginger" self - and here I am, feeling as if every drop of joy is being sucked out of me as the hours progress.

The signs: the biggest one is my loss of interest in people and in things. I don't want to go anywhere or meet new people - I have a hard time even paying attention when people are talking to me at work. I feel drained and exhausted trying to strike up conversations with people.

Number 2 sign: thoughts of death. I know!!! I know!!! Not necessarily wanting to KILL myself, but sort of feeling exhausted with just living - wishing it were "all over with" so I woulnd't have to "deal with anything anymore." Just not really caring whether I live or die, really. I know that sounds so bad.
Anyway - I need to go for now. I will talk more about all of this later.

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