Eleven Bizarre and Fascinating Facts About Chad

November 23, 2004
1. Chad doesn’t eat fruit because he has a problem with the texture and can go into detail about his problems with any fruit you can name. He especially abhors the “tiny seeds” and “hairs” on a strawberry.

2. Chad eats no green vegetables and he is repulsed by beans in any form.

3. Chad once decided to dress like Johnny Cash (all black) all the time a few weeks after he died. (This didn’t last for too long - matching blacks is hard.)

4. Chad was named after hunky soap star and B-movie actor of the 60s and 70s Chad Everett.

5. Chad worked in Silicon Valley for a little over a year, just as the dot com boom was going bust. He worked for 3 companies during that time.

6. Chad’s tiny swamp town didn’t get MTV until he was a sophomore in High School! That’s 1988! (Our house got MTV in ‘84)

7. Chad loves chocolate chip cookies more than any other human being on the planet.

8. While in high school, he owned tennis shoes in almost every brand that existed – and he bought and paid for all of these himself.

9. Chad LOVES Tom Jones and would love to see him in concert. He thinks Tom Jones is “the man.”

10. Chad’s favorite album when he was a kid was Falco’s debut album featuring “Rock Me Amadeus” and “Vienna Calling.” It was the only tape that he ever “wore out.”

11. Chad is of Canary Island descent (that’s Spanish). He is currently the darling of a local heritage society where he is worshiped by their septe-and octogenarian members (he is the youngest member) as a God.

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