Eleven Reasons Why I am Annoyed Right Now

November 24, 2004
1. Because I just sat in a grocery line at a store near here (that I will NEVER go to again) behind a man who decided to hand his grocery items to the cashier one at a time while he laughed and made conversation with the clueless cashier (many of his comments included the phrase “I ain’t in no hurry, heh heh!”).

2. Because that same clueless cashier somehow managed to completely rip my “store savings card” from my keychain while trying to scan the barcode.

3. Because I have cramps, even though I took a muscle relaxer.

4. Because my stupid fake rolex battery is dying and the only reason I am wearing the stupid fake rolex is because my fossil watch battery died 3 weeks ago – which is making me think that my body is emitting some sort of wavelength that destroys watch batteries.

5. Because I have to sit here until 2:00 with basically nothing to do.

6. Because I really don’t feel like going to the oncologist and being felt up along the groin area (because there are lymph nodes there).

7. Because these generic maxi pads are the biggest joke I have ever seen.

8. Because I don’t want to make that damn pie. I want to make a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust.

9. Because I’m probably going to gain 7 pounds over the course of the next four days.

10. Because Jessica Simpson’s stupid face is on the cover of every newsstand magazine in the world and it sickens me.

11. Because I don’t care whether or not “It’s Over” between her and Nick.

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