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December 01, 2004
So an update of the recent goings-on.

Doctor’s Visit

Went relatively well – despite the whole being “felt up in the groin area part.” He actually noticed my weight loss. AND he even noticed it before I handed him the comparison photos of Nuts vs. Berries. I was pretty excited about that. I told him about my brief brush with extreme hypochondria in the previous week and we both concluded that it was anxiety related to Chad being out of town and work frustrations. Overall – a good time. And I’ve been in remission for 9 years now. So that’s great.


Well – I made the pie and it turned out FABU!!! This pie is so good. It is the pie to end all pies. It was a hit at our first Thanksgiving meal which took place at my Granny’s.

Pretty good time. The usual fair – although somehow we ended up at the kid’s table. Don’t ask me how this happened. We sat there first and then suddenly the children arrived and took their seats. We didn’t end up staying for long. I don’t really know why. I guess because all of this extended family was there – people that we don’t know as intimately as we would our immediate family –so there were a lot of surface pleasantries and cliques formed soon and it was just weird.

I don’t know why extended family crap always seems a little weird to me. I guess because people who only see you every now and again always have much more grounds for judging you based solely on appearance because they haven’t heard your year’s worth of excuses or talked to you on a bi-weekly basis or chatted with you at various Sunday gatherings throughout the year. It’s like you can almost see the “Wow, you’ve gained weight!” look from a mile away.

And then there are always the standard “Where are you working? Where are you living? How’s married life? When are ya’ll going to have a kid?” questions that are just so dull. For once I’d like someone to ask me the slightly less-dull “Read any good books lately? or What’s your favorite film this year?” That would be cool.

This gives me an idea. Perhaps I should invent a game in which I write interesting questions on cards and put those in one box, then ask everyone to put their name in another box. Then everyone draws a question and a name and has to ask that person the question. That would be interesting, huh? We could even throw in some political questions to spark up debate – “What are your views on gay marriage?”

I have a feeling that if that was the kind of thanksgiving I wanted to throw; Chad and I would be sitting there staring at each other and twiddling our thumbs. (Cue chirping crickets.)

So – after Gran’s we went to Chad’s aunt’s in Gonzales. Brought Jimbo with us so he could have something interesting to do. We, of course, ate more food. By the time I got home, I was so ill I almost began crying. I hurt – severely. Overall – a bingeful, but good day.

The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

Ginger did not participate in such madness. What did I do? Hmmmm – I can’t really remember. I know that I was off. Oh wait! Duh! We went to the renaissance festival in Hammond. It was great fun. Here is a link to several horrific pictures of me in a corset .

It was a really great time though. We went with Rachael and Will & Co and I even ate my first fried candy bar! It was a three-musketeers. Personally I think a snickers would have been much more decadent – but oh well. Anyway – so we watched jousting and I bought some interesting bath items that are supposed to be akin to what they used to use back in the day. Very herbally, great-smelling stuff.

That night we ate at a place called Trey Yuen in Hammond for the first time. Pretty good. Supposedly gourmet Chinese. I liked it okay although sometimes you just want a buffet. (P.S. – I did change out of the retro-garb, in case you were wondering.)


Didn’t do too much. I think I shopped some. Actually, that night I ended up hanging out with my sister. We shopped for hours and hours. I got a few Christmas gifts out of the way.


Church. Good. After church I went shopping again all by my lonesome. Chad stayed at the church and fried turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving feast that had been postponed a week because of weather. That afternoon we ate our third thanksgiving dinner. My sister and Joey joined us. And then Jess and I went shopping –again – and then home. Overall – a nice little vacation. WHEW!

More updates later – there’s a little business venture I’m embarking on that I really need to tell you about – but I’m tired of typing for now.

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