Quilling & Able

December 02, 2004
Okay - so the big news is that I'm about to start my own "on-the-side" calligraphy business!!! It's called "Quilling & Able - Fancy Script for All Occasions"

I'm tres excited about this. I know that I'd wanted to do it before and always kinda found a way to back out - but this time around I actually went to a stationery and invitation store, showed them my work and price list - they really liked it and thought it was good enough to put in their book of calligraphers that they refer people to - and voila! There you have it.

I got my first check yesterday for doing Dr. P's daughter's wedding invitations. Such easy money!!!

I had an earlier snafu when I looked up the word quilling in google and found out that it's some ancient art of paper crimping and rolling. So I was depressed because I thought - I'm totally misrepresenting myself with this title. People are going to think I'm some paper crimper all ready for a job of paper crimping. Then I thought- WHO in the HELL knows what this means?

So far, everyone who I've shared my business title with has totally "gotten it" and thinks it's a great play on words - not to mention I have this little drawn quill in my logo. I'll have to link to my website -whenever it's done.

Anyway - so that's my excitement as of late. Hopefully it will be a success. Considering my cheap prices, though, I think it will be - if I can just get the word out.

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