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December 10, 2004
Ok so this time I'm being serious.

I've got a confession.

I have a problem. And until yesterday I didn't know it had a name. It's called dermatillomania. I know, I know - sounds crazy.

It's quite embarrasing to talk about, but what's a diary for?

The problem is - skin picking. More specifically - scalp picking. I pick until I bleed. I don't let the sores heal. I do it out of nervousness.


I said it.

Actually, I did confess to several people yesterday after making the discovery that it's a real condition.
Well - what happened was - one of them got infected - and was throbbing and hurting and I could barely stand it. (this is gross - sorry) but it was also oozing and green. Okay- yuck - very sorry.

So I went to my granny's to show her because I was terrified that I had given myself staph. And I told her about it and she gave me some tips on helping myself - behavioral tips, etc. Turns out my brother and sister have similar quirks - which I won't divulge. And my father has a few. Must be hereditary.

I've been doing this since I was a child - and there have been years where I haven't done it - but about a month ago, I started picking and making sores. I know it's gross. And then this one got infected. That's never happened before. Thus the terror and urgency to find out about this.

Anyway - I've joined an online support group. Hope that will help.

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