Boil Toil

December 12, 2004
So - the pain in my head came to a literal head today. I decided that I would have to go to an after-hours clinic.

Anyway - I went and it turns out that I had an abscessed boil (or something like that) - HORRIFIC!!! I had to have it lanced and then he opened it with a scalpel and stuck drainage gauze in my head. After that, the nurse came in and attempted to put bandaids on my scalp - which can be quite difficult with the whole hair thing. Then she gave me a bizzaro gauze headband to secure it all in place.

She actually started to wrap it under my chin and I was like -hey, dumbass - hows about going UNDER the hair?

I look like a freakish craphead.

The good news is that I'm not picking! I don't know how I could - ever again. Of course, it will be one day at a time. AND this whole thing is probably a result of a boil that Chad had under his arm last week - you know - we laid in the same bed - I had a wound on my head . . . makes sense.

I'm not going to work tomorrow with this nightmare hair disaster. Plus I have to go to my doctor and get this gauze removed from my scalp. Scares me. I wish I could get someone to drive me, because I'd like to be heavily drugged when I get there. That's another thing. He gave me Lortab 10s. Agggggggggh yes.

Anyway - we got our tree today. Will post pics soon. The weekend was nice overall. More later. I'm a little drugged as I type this.

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