(No) Funny Business

December 15, 2004
Ok – so where’s the content? Where’s the funny stories? Are they really “funny?” Well – I must say that I’ve been in a bit of slump – since I was recently told by not just one, but several members of my family, that I am not AS funny as my husband Chad in terms of the blog. And that perhaps, I am just as funny, but perhaps I do not (and this is the unkindest cut) write as funnily as he does. And try as I may, this is eating AT MY SOUL.

Okay – so perhaps I need a few lessons on how to take a little constructive criticism. Which is why, I probably should be a good girl and join that writer’s group that I’ve procrastinated going to twice in a row. I think the next meeting is Saturday, so I suppose that I’ll go then.

In other news, Quilling and Able is out there. The site is up. The business cards have been printed. So . . . now what? I know that I have to continue to pimp myself. I just can’t seem to get motivated right now. Of course, that could be largely due to the fact that this is my schedule for the week so far:

MONDAY –deal with horrific head-wound. Stay stoned out of your mind all day and night.

TUESDAY – work all day, then, immediately after work, attempt to complete ALL Christmas shopping (and come damn close) – fall into bed at 10 pm.

WEDNESDAY – work all day, then, immediately after work, go to Walmart and squeeze in 2 more hours of shopping before Pokeno group at 7:00 which will last until 10 pm.

THURSDAY – work all day, then, immediately after work, got to the Dinner and a Movie gathering with your girl friends that you whined and said you missed so much – so now you have to go (and you do want to go). You’ll be eating something fattening and seeing Closer.

FRIDAY – work most of the day – leave at 1:30 to attend Jimbo’s college graduation then immediately go to Dad’s house for party and early exchange of Christmas gifts.


Then Saturday of course is the dreaded writer’s group and God knows what else. Perhaps I could squeeze in pimp time after the group. Of course, since that is the last shopping Saturday before Christmas – I might just need to stay quietly huddled inside.

Actually, Gretchen, like you, I wanted to have a day of baking. Perhaps I will organize that. Actually – I think I might could do it. Wouldn’t that be a joy? And Chad wouldn’t mind having a kitchen full of chatty women as long as they were baking all manner of cookies. Am I right, Shmoo?

Oh yeah – if you want a good laugh- a truly genuine, belly aching, tears rolling down your face laugh – then you can read Chad’s blog with it’s hilarious title “LA – Not the Good One”

For continued polite chuckles to my blasé wittiness – continue reading.


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