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December 20, 2004
Okay - so I forgot to mention earlier that I discovered what I took to be ringworm on my inner thigh.

I know – horrible.

I decided that, dammit, I was calling up a dermatologist on my health plan and I was going. And so I called. And so I went.

I know that this is turning into the “Diary of Disgusting Maladies a la Ginger” and I’m sorry – but where else can I rant?

Well – not ringworm. Intertrigo. Hmmm . . . intertrigo. Sounds serious. Sounds treatable.

Turns out its skin irritations occurring generally in the obese in their skin folds! Disgusting. The solution – lose weight.

Now – he didn’t say that to me directly – I read it on the internet. And I did tell him that I was fully ready to accept the fact that all of my problems could be due to the fact that I quite a “plus-sized” woman. So – that’s that.

I also went through all of my various skin inflictions with him. Hell – I was paying him. The bad thing was that I told him about the dermatillomania right off and so after that, everything I showed to him, he said “Did you pick that?” or “That looks like something you might have picked at too much.”

Stupid, stupid me.

Anyway – that’s the scoop.

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