Follicular Homicide and Other News

December 20, 2004
So – another Monday is here. I am, of course, sick with some sort of a lingering cold. BUT – my head is a lot better. I don’t know if I mentioned Sample Whore’s (S.W.) diagnosis. He said that I actually had an infected sebaceous cyst. I don’t know if I believe that because I have two other sebaceous cysts on my scalp right now – just little bumps– clogged hair follicles – and there wasn’t one in that spot before the disaster occurred. The only thing in that spot was a little booboo that I, in my OCDness, did not allow to heal and thus – through the wonders of staph infection – which I have now been fully briefed on – became infected because of Chad’s own armpit disaster.

I did confess the dermatillomania to S.W. He mumbled something and that was it. Didn’t give any advice – etc. What I should have said is, “Guess you don’t have a SAMPLE for THAT?!?”

So – then I had to wear these cloth headbands last week. I had actually bought a few velvet ones to snazz up the look. I was not about to wear gauze wrapped around my head for 4 days. So – I taped gauze inside the headband and voila – insta-bandage! And fashionable!

I did get several compliments on the headband look – although I felt like some sort of weirdo. I felt like the headband was making my eyes look as though they were bulging out of my skull. And someone told me it was “schoolgirlish.” I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Jimbo graduated from college on Friday. I went to the graduation to show that he had my full support. It was symbolic. I didn’t walk in my own graduation for several reasons – one of them being my friend was getting married and I was in the wedding and the second one (the REAL one) being that my parents were freshly separated, my mother was hysterical, and it was one of those “Well if he’s going to be there, I don’t know if I can go . . .” and I just couldn’t deal with all of that. So – my graduation was quite an afterthought.

Jimbo also paid his way through school – something that he’s a bit bitter about – because my Mom offered to pay for my sister’s nursing venture and of course – my school was paid for –half by my dad, half by the state. So – he felt like the kid that nobody was willing to bank on – literally. We’ve had many conversations about this and I’ve always told him that he will never be sorry he paid his own way and worked a full-time job all the while. He doesn’t realize how much people respect that, I suppose. But I guess he will find out soon enough.

Anyway – we exchanged gifts with Dad & Co. on Friday night. It was fun. I got all the Seinfeld DVD seasons that are out, this funky, bizarre statue of a hand playing a piano – I really like it – even though it might be considered “awful” – I don’t know – It’s just kitschy enough to work – AND a metronome for the piano.

I went to the writer’s group on Saturday morning and I really (honestly) enjoyed it. The group was honest about everything – including their own self-consciousness and fear of criticism – which I found rather refreshing. When one person’s book chapter or whatever was up for critique by the group, he or she would often sigh and say “Okay – let me have it. Tell how much of a load of crap this is…” – I liked that. It made me feel safe.

I told them how I had attempted to go the same group about 3 years ago. This was upon the suggestion of my therapist who thought it might be good for me – because my life was in such chaos, etc. Well, after attending the first meeting – I got an email from a few members wanted to separate from the group and meet on alternate Saturdays because so-in-so was too tough and rude and would I like to join them instead . . .

A coup, if you will.

Since I had no time for such drama in my life, considering it was reeling with enough drama for not one, but TWO soap operas – I bowed out and haven’t attempted to join anything since.

So they all laughed and said –OH that must have been when Bill was here. Yeah – it’s not like that now. We’re all normal.

I liked it.

After group, I bought all of my Shmoo’s presents. Seven in all. I’m very happy with my purchases. I finally dealt with the fact that I may never top the first gift I ever gave him – which was a rare copy of the original Cure’s “Disentegration” on vinyl in album frame. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, yet – but didn’t have the time or money to do them this year. There will be other years.

Anyway – we missed church yesterday – and I feel like a total heathen. But- you know how a cold is always bad first thing in the morning. It feels more like you’re dying of diphtheria or something. And then after you’ve showered and hocked up half a lung and brushed your teeth – you just feel a bit sniffly and your throat is a little scratchy. Well – when church was starting, I was still in diphtheria mode. So – we didn’t go.

Anyway – won’t bore you with the rest of the evening’s junk. More shopping. That’s about it.

Well – more later.

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