Eleven Things That I Did Over the Holidays

January 05, 2005
1. Went to see The Aviator with my brother.
2. Made holiday goodies such as oreo balls, forgotten kisses cookies and peppermint patties.
3. Spent SEVEN hours at the Mall of America.
4. Played in the snow.
5. Went to a wedding.
6. Went bowling and only got one strike.
7. Bought an absurd amount of new clothes that probably won’t fit in a month – because I’ll be THINNER!
8. Watched the movie Elf for the first time on DVD.
9. Cried.
10. Visited Chicago for the first time – only the airport, though.
11. Watched the ball drop and drank sparkling apple cider at midnight – thus coming to terms with the fact that New Year’s Eve with all of it’s “we’re going to have so much fun or else” parties are all a load of crap. To quote a Dave Matthews Song -Turns out it’s not where but WHO you’re with that really matters..
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