Home Sweet Home?

January 04, 2005
A bizarre thing that I noticed while in Minnesota at my Mom's is that - it seems as though everything from our old house has just been magically lifted and placed there in that house. It was quite bizarre. I had my first overwhelming deja vu moment when I looked up at our clock and realized- hey! That's the clock! MY clock!

This is thefclock I watched throughout my life - the clock I glanced at anxiously while I waited for boys to call - the clock that chimed out the moments of my childhood.

Then, the bathroom - where I looked over to see the 2 little quilted pictures hung in the same formation. And I said to myself "How many times have I sat here taking a pee and looking at these pictures? Millions?" Okay maybe that was a crappy example.

It was bittersweet, all in all - sitting at the table that I grew up eating at - imagining the child versions of my brother and sister on the bench across from me - pinching each other under the tablecloth . . . The funny thing is that I went to my old spot at our first dinner - and Chad sat next to me- at the end, where all my old boyfriends used to sit- which was interesting.

It was really like visiting a lot of old friends. It's funny how you grow so attached to things. Which is kinda what I want to talk about in my next blog - so more soon.

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