Eleven Reasons Why I May be Pregnant

January 06, 2005
1. Iím now off of the pill.
2. My boobs hurt.
3. Iím pretty sure my period is late.
4. Iíve voraciously eaten chili for the past 2 nights in a row.
5. I have a new obsession with fresh baked bread and think about it almost constantly.
6. I think we did it while I was ovulating.
7. Iíve been so tired lately, falling asleep all over the place. I fell asleep during almost EVERY car ride we took in Minnesota.
8. I have the urge to knit.
9. I looked at a rabbit the other day Ėand it died. (Okay that oneís made up.)
10. I donít think itís going to take as long for the pill to not work anymore because I messed up my last pack (skipped 3 in a row) and stopped taking it early and made my period happen and that was over 4 weeks ago.
11. I have this weird feeling in my lower stomach Ė a twingey sort of thing Ėwhich could be cramps, I guess. Only time will tell.

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