The Dreaded 100 Things List

January 12, 2005
1. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 7:12 am on a Thursday. Thursday’s child has far to go. Hmmmm….
2. I have never even been out of the country. Still Thursday’s child and still have far to go.
3. I am a Christian.
4. I had cancer when I was 20. Hodgkin’s Disease.
5. I have recently decided that my favorite color is pink instead of purple After making this decision, I stumbled upon a little book called “All About Me” that I had filled out in third grade. In the “Favorite color” blank – I had scrawled “pink.” Guess I’m returning to my roots.
6. My parents got divorced after 25 years of marriage. I was 23 at the time.
7. My mom lives in Minnesota. She met her husband online, married him and moved there.
8. My husband and I have only been to the movies twice in our entire relationship.
9. I drive a Volkswagen Beetle.
10. I recently acquired my first Mac.
11. I usually carry about 9 lipsticks in my purse.
12. I also usually carry about 7 bottles of pills in my purse.
13. I don’t like pickles unless they are fried.
14. I graduated from LSU with a bachelor in Mass Communication.
15. I grew up in the small town of Brusly – just outside of Baton Rouge.
16. My best friend is a flight attendant for Delta and has traveled the world. Interestingly enough, she was ALSO a Thursday’s child.
17. I bought a fake Rolex off of one of those “Hey wanna buy a watch” guys in Times Square on my honeymoon. I’m wearing it now.
18. I have attended five different churches in my lifetime.
19. I had to take a lie detector test once because of a job I was interviewing for that happened to be in the offices of the state police. I failed the “Have you ever used cocaine” question.
20. I have NEVER, EVER done cocaine – thus I doubt the validity of lie detector tests.
21. I have hypoglycemia.
22. I can roll my tongue.
23. In kindergarten, I got a U (Unsatisfactory) in skipping. Today –I skip like a pro.
24. My grandmother interviewed Eleanor Roosevelt for her college newspaper.
25. My dog is named Mr. B – B for Barkley. He is a dachshund and was my “cancer pet.”
26. Chad attempted to try and make me get rid of Mr. B when we were first married – but the shame and stigma of making a woman give up her “cancer pet” was too great for him and he succumbed.
27. Chad and I do not sleep in the same bed because Chad has sleep disorders.
28. I only have three wisdom teeth – the other one never grew in.
29. Horrific places I’ve been stuck with a needle: neck, chest, scalp and nether regions (won’t get too specific here but both “bad places” were involved).
30. I have been to Disneyworld 3 times and want to go back very soon.
31. I was once accused of causing a five-car pile up that wasn’t my fault. When the policeman accused me, I screamed “YOU’RE A LIAR!” and burst into hysterical crying. I was absolved.
32. I lost my virginity at the age of 21.
33. I was obsessed with New Kids on the Block in the late eighties and early nineties. They called me from an airplane – my aunt was a flight attendant on the flight and got them to do it. I wasn’t home so they left a message. I still have the tape.
34. I have seen almost all of my favorite artists in concert.
35. I used to smoke weed almost everyday – but that was MANY years ago.
36. The stupidest drug thing I ever did was to take not one, but TWO Demerol and then proceed to guzzle fuzzy navels for the remainder of the day – I was at Mardi Gras. Only later did I find out that mixing the two could kill you.
37. I have been in 4 wrecks – only one was my fault.
38. I love all movies directed by Wes Anderson – Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and the Royal Tennenbaums especially.
39. I went tent-camping in the Great Smokies once.
40. I have visited people in both a mental hospital and jail.
41. I used to smoke clove cigarettes.
42. The made-for-tv movie “Alex: The Life of a Child” sent me into a three-day crying jag when I was in the fourth grade.
43. I learned what sex was at the age of 5.
44. I have never broken a bone.
45. I participated in psychology experiments during college- one of which – had me stuffing cotton into my mouth, sniffing different plates of food and then removing the cotton so they could measure salivation in reference to the different foods. Why MY salivation in particular meant so much – I’ll never know.
46. I never ate glue – but I did eat this kiddie nailpolish off of my fingernails. It tasted like rice to me.
47. I have written over 500 poems. Most of them are crap.
48. I’ve never mowed a lawn.
49. I can say all of the 50 states in alphabetical order in 20 seconds or less.
50. I love the BeeGees.
51. I’m allergic to cats.
52. My childhood home once had an infestation of bees in the attic. Nothing we did could get rid of them. They hung out for 2 years and then left.
53. I’ve never been to summer camp.
54. I used to faithfully follow the Houston Astros in high school because of my love for Craig Biggio.
55. I used to be terrified of taking things out of a hot oven.
56. Chad says I make the best chocolate chip cookies – EVER.
57. I am always reading a book – at least for the last 2 years now. I go to bed every night with a book in hand.
58. When I was little, my “play name” was always Lauren.
59. My dad recorded a gospel tape when I was 15 and went on a small church tour that summer. Fame and fortune did not follow, sadly.
60. My parents tricked me to eat green beans as a child by telling me that they were green French fries. I still kinda like the taste of a green bean dipped in ketchup.
61. My uncle played for the Patriots in the sixties.
62. I hate Mariah Carey.
63. I used to own over 100 pairs of shoes, but I’ve toned it down a bit since then.
64. I have two piercings in each ear. Those are all the piercings I have.
65. I almost drowned twice.
66. I have no desire to ever go snow skiing.
67. I think I do pretty good impressions of people – not as good as my brother, but pretty good.
68. I taught myself to play piano and guitar and am not super good at either – but better at the piano.
69. I don’t eat shrimp and I only recently started to eat fish.
70. One of my favorite cereals as a small child was bran flakes with loads of sugar. My grandparents lived with us for about 6 months while they were building their house and that’s how I was introduced to it.
71. I saw the movie Titanic five times at the theatre and cried more at each showing. I was going through a rough period then – this was right before therapy.
72. I worked at a bakery in college and gained 20 pounds.
73. My first job was at a snow cone stand when I was a senior in high school.
74. I think that the greatest album ever recorded is “Little Earthquakes” by Tori Amos.
75. I got married when I was 27.
76. I smoked cigarettes for about five years. Chad convinced me to quit.
77. I took my first plane ride at age 17.
78. I used to be a “church youth leader” for this mega church in my state. I felt totally brainwashed and left. I only recently made my peace with God.
79. Autographs I have: All 5 New Kids on the Block, Willie Nelson, Randy Jackson (of American Idol) and Craig Biggio.
80. I have participated in 2 focus groups for pre-marketing purposes, both when I was a child. One for “Poochie” toys. One for a yogurt drink they were trying to introduce called “Yop.”
81. My mom is a twin.
82. Most notable people on my family tree: Henry Hudson the explorer and Johnny Cash.
83. I have been through a consumer credit counseling program and paid off all of my debt.
84. I led the prayer at my high school graduation.
85. My favorite big city that I’ve visited so far is New York City.
86. I’ve been to the David Letterman Show – guests on: winner of Survivor Amazon – can’t think of her name and Kevin James.
87. I’ve also been to Regis & Kathie Lee – guests on: some wrestler, Corbin Bersen and Aaron Neville.
88. I have been known to stalk in the past – but I swear I’ve mended my ways. I think all of us, at one time or another, have been a stalker.
89. I waited to read the Harry Potter books until last year because of my “fear of hype.” They were totally worth the hype!
90. I was in the Gifted & Talented throughout school. (woohoo- go me!)
91. The only sport I ever played was little league softball and I hated every minute of it.
92. My left breast is smaller than my right.
93. I wear a size 10 shoe.
94. If someone unfamous is trying to act or look like someone famous in an obvious and pathetic way, I usually refer to them as that famous person’s turd. For instance, last night at the restaurant, Paris Hilton’s Turd led us to our seat.
95. I probably go to a doctor once a month.
96. I was the 999,999th person to enter my college rec center. The lady that came in behind me won a lifetime membership and prizes. I looked back to see balloons and confetti dropping and knew at that moment that I was the unluckiest person in the world.
97. I detest raw onions.
98. The word “teats” never fails to make me giggle.
99. I want to be on Oprah some day.
100. I’ll take Barbara Walters, though, if that comes first.
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