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January 14, 2005
Ok- so a strange question.

When (and if) you wear a turtleneck, do you sometimes feel that the “neck” part is tickling you? Not like – trying to tickle you, but just the presence of it being there makes you feel like you’re being tickled?

I know it’s a crazy question – but I’ve been battling this tickling all day. And the sad thing is, that I’d forgotten about the tickling issue and then somehow remembered and can’t stop feeling tickled. I know how I remembered, actually. Someone said to me – you look so good in pink and I like the turtleneck on you! Which made me think – now why is it that I don’t wear turtlenecks more often? Now I remember. AGH! STOP TICKLING!

Anyway – moving on in hopes that I will distract myself . . .

Tomorrow I’ll finally be hitting the pavement to pimp myself as a calligrapher. I’m a little nervous –but I’m just going to get out there and do it. This will happen after the writer’s group, which meets tomorrow morning. I will have my first submission ripped to shreds by them. Actually – I seriously doubt that. Because I turned in something “safe.” I know it’s good. Not to brag – but it is. It’s a short story of how a tree fell on my car while my sister and I were IN IT and driving through a neighborhood. Don’t know if I ever mentioned that before –oh yeah , I think I did.

Here’s some photos:

And another

I was on the passenger side.

Anywho – this story goes into graphic detail about having that kind of an experience – what it felt like, what I was thinking – the sounds, the smells, the sights.

What I’m really worried about is the responses I will get when I turn in chapters of “Ginger Ails” (or it could be titled “Bad Hair Year”) because if they think that’s crap – well them I’m crap – because it’s all about me.

Anyway – so I’ve made a list of all the stores I plan on going to – to try and get them to take my card or refer people to me or something. Who knows? I’m hoping I won’t get kicked out of anyplace because of soliciting. Is that soliciting? I’m not really trying to sell anything –other than myself and my services.

We shall see how it goes.

More later.

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