I’m NUTS for this stuff!

January 19, 2005
Current foodie obsession:


It’s really my boss that started the whole mess. We were talking about how we are obsessed with the food network, in particular “Unwrapped” which should be subtitled “get yourself ready to go to the grocery store to get whatever in the hell you just watched being made on a conveyor belt as the credits roll.” Damn you, Mark Summers! We didn’t crave the crap you had kids rolling around in on Double Dare! (Was it Double Dare?) My memory fails me.

Anywho – so I bought her a gift basket for Christmas from P.B. Loco-a gourmet pb and sandwich shop in Minnesota. Then, while I was greedily whizzing through the Mall of America, I stopped in at P.B. Loco to sample the goods and tried the Banana PB.

Cue angelic voices and light from heaven.

This stuff is SO good. I have thought about it at least once a day since we left.

Then, I went to Target and discovered that they sell Peanut Butter & Company pb. So I bought a jar of the White Chocolate Wonderful. Probably a bad idea.

Only 10 minutes ago, I was unwrapping leftover xmas hershey’s kisses and dipping them into the peanut butter jar, which is sitting on my desk like a religious idol. I am still licking the stuff off of my knuckles.

Hmm – pregnancy cravings?


Anyway – that’s what’s in my brain at le moment. More later.

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