The First Annual Georgi’s Birthday Ultimate Friendship Breakfast Test

January 20, 2005
Today is Georgi’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Girl!

Anyway – last night she calls me and is like “What are you doing at 7:15 tomorrow morning?”

So I say- “Ughhh – sleeping?”

And she says, “No silly! You’re coming to my birthday breakfast at IHOP!”

So I agree. Then I think to myself- someone really has to have a lot of confidence in their friends and loved ones to think that they will awaken an hour earlier than they have to and eat breakfast at IHOP with you. Actually –I guess it’s not really that big of a deal, now that I think about it – but I found myself feeling like a martyr, because I am a jackass. You would have thought I was getting up to go and give her one of my kidneys.

Thus – it was the ultimate friendship test. Which I totally passed because I CARE, people! We had a good time.

I guess it’s not so bad- in case I’ve made you feel bad by this entry, G. I’m just not a morning person.

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