American Idle

January 20, 2005
The madness has begun, people!!! That’s what happens in this house once AI begins. I really don’t know what the entire fascination with this is. I mean- you can see people humiliate themselves for the sake of fame and fortune on half a dozen reality shows that span the channel spectrum. And yet- when you throw in a British hard-ass, a has-been pop princess who once sang with the likes of MC Scat Cat, and some black dude that says dude and dawg a lot – well … you’ve got yourself something that causes near couch paralysis. We have been immobile for the last two nights. I made plans and then actually CANCELLED them when I remembered that there was a second night of AI, to which Chad gasped and said, “You forgot!?!? How could you have forgotten?”

This is like Boobah for adults.

How we screamed with laughter. ESPECIALLY when the contestants were reduced to tears and sobbing. How we delighted in their heartbrokenness.

I have come to the conclusion that American Idol is evil. And yet, I cannot repent of my “idolatry.” I MUST watch. I must joy in other people’s pain.

You know what it’s going to come down to, don’t you? We (and I mean the collective American television audience of we) are not going to be satisfied until we actually see someone DIE on TV. I’m not even kidding. We’re returning to our old “bread and circus and lions at the coliseum” days.

Simon Cowell is the devil.

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