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January 25, 2005


Slobbery hungry!

Had only 1 lean cuisine, crappy granola bar and 6 twizzlers since noon.


My body is rebelling. My mind is chaos. Images of everything from bread pudding to junior mints are flashing rapidly in my head. I’ve been reading weight loss diaries for the last hour in hopes that it will help. The bottom line – we’re all in the same miserable boat. No offense to the bloggers or anything – it’s great to sit here and nod and say – yep, an ocean of chocolate would still not be enough for me either,but I digress.

I’m just being a spoiled baby bitch.

I’m cooking a large chili tonight. I think I will incorporate ground turkey in to make it leaner. My siblings are coming over. And possibly Rachael and Will. Wait- I’ll call her. Okay I think they are coming over as well. Fun!

We’re going to all develop voluntary couch paralysis by watching American Idol tonight. It’s EXTRA special because this is the New Orleans show – New Orleans is about an hour away from my house. So – perhaps we’ll see someone we know. I already saw the lead singer of Liquidrone on the commercial (a local band that I really like.) At least I think that was him.

An interesting tidbit: last summer, my sister took care of Randy Jackson’s mother as she was dying of cancer at our local hospital. Randy was there pretty often and somehow my sister actually sang for him. If you want to know the truth, I think she was kinda like, “Oh Mrs. Jackson, let me sing you a song (especially since your American Idol judge son is in the room)” – which I suppose is tacky, considering . . . but you’d have to know my sister.

So she sings Amazing Grace and Randy is all “Dawg – that’s pretty good! You should come try out for the show!”

And she’s all “Oh no – this is my passion, taking care of people, blah blah”

Secretly though, she was freaking out and she couldn’t wait to phone everyone she knew, which she promptly did within the next five minutes.

She’s terrified of Simon, though. I think that’s the real reason she wouldn’t go. Of course, considering he is the devil, who wouldn’t be?

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