January 26, 2005
NINE YEARS AGO today my beautiful baby son was born!!!


So, the story goes like this.

I got cancer, as you all know, in the fall of 1995. As I was going through treatment and picking out wigs and whatnot it was decided that perhaps an animal would help me in my recovery (as if the constant gifts, flowers, cards and visits were not enough talk about celebrity!!! Which is kinda what I want to discuss in my memoir . . .). Soooo we began watching the papers and one Sunday in March of 1996 there was a listing - Precious baby dachshunds, 1 male and 1 female left, red.

And so we called and then went over there. The breeders lived in a trailer in the country about 30 minutes from our house. I walked in and there he was, all curled up in a tiny ball in a blanket on their kitchen floor. If I would have been a cartoon, lines of hearts would have been bursting from my eyes and into that bundle of fur. We roused him and he slowly shuffled to his feet blinking and smacking his baby chops. Then he yawned and let out that puppy squeak.


It was all too much. I picked him up, then, and snuggled him close to my neck. He nuzzled me, sniffing and then licked me a bit. The perfume of puppy breath was overwhelming. It was ecstasy. So we paid our $250 in cash and off we went.

He slept on my lap on the way home. That night, he slept on the pillow right next to my head and we have not been apart since. The spoiling has continued to this day.

Happy Birthday, my love!

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