Reality Bites (Of Too Many Different Illegal Food Items)

January 27, 2005

What is it about deciding that you’re “really going to do it” that makes you just really NOT?

Okay – so I’m not saying that I’ve failed or I’ve given up or anything. In fact, in case you didn’t notice, my ticker has moved a half of a pound – which is good. 8 oz. Not bad.

Why don’t I just list what I have eaten instead of analyzing it. How about we just see it in black and white.

Yesterday –
Breakfast: 1 bagel with white chocolate peanut butter
Beverage: Large cup of coffee with Irish cream creamer
Snack: low fat granola bar.
Lunch: about ¾ cup serving of red beans and rice with several small pieces of sausage.
Beverage: C2
Snack: 7 Twizzlers
Another snack: Remainder of peanut butter in jar –probably equaling 1.5 tablespoons total.
And yet another snack: Yogurt parfait from McDonald’s (got that as I was picking up the birthday hamburger for Mr. B)
Too many chips to even count with salsa and that awesome guacamole/sourcream dip they serve at Ninfa’s
A gigantic burrito containing refried beans, cheese and fajita chicken
Mexican Rice
A large sopapilla with honey
Beverage: Water (at least 4 large glasses)

Today –
Breakfast: 1 bagel with white chocolate peanut butter (I bought another jar to replenish the one I finished off yesterday)
Beverage: Water
Lunch: Balsamic-honey glazed chicken breast, pasta with some sort of oily dressing and sun-dried tomatoes, steamed broccoli and the equivalent of an entire loaf of ciabatta bread.
Beverage: Water (2 glasses)
DESSERT: Gigantic piece of chocolate cake – didn’t eat all of it.

I’m going to let all of this information “digest” for a while.

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