Art and Stories and Fertility

February 05, 2005
Anyway – it’s been awhile.

Not much going on – am mentally exhausted these days, between looking for art for our office building (STILL) and researching the story I’ve been working on – which I don’t think that I mentioned. It was this huge snafu…. I’m so mentally exhausted I don’t even feel like going to it. I will say this –

It’s loosely based on my grandparents and how they met. It’s basically a story about my own destiny. Anyway- I shouldn’t say loosely based because really it’s the exact same story except that I’ve changed the names and made a few things up. Well I’ve been tormenting myself over whether or not I should mention anything to my grandmother –concensus lately is no – because there are some things in the story that I want to stay true to – such as the fact that she got married to her first husband when she was 14 – which was very common back then in rural Louisiana – but she doesn’t like to discuss this. Am I a bad person for doing this? I can’t seem to decide. I mean, how could I even try to understand the first thing about privacy?– just LOOK what I’m doing right now – typing out the miniscule details of my life.

So to me – it’s like “no big deal.

I don’t know.

So I’ve been researching World War II stuff, etc. I want to be mildly authentic when I’m discussing the character of her first husband in war in Germany before he’s killed.

The other thing is this whole baby situation. I’m pretty sure I was ovulating this week. Well, sadly, Chad is on a medication which makes “certain things” difficult to do. Or at least, these “things” take a VERY LONG TIME to accomplish.

Its been stressful.

I don’t think this will be our month. You never know though.

Anyway- sorry this entry is crappy and un-poignant and totally not witty in any way. I am totally not living up to my subhead up there.

Good stuff soon, I promise.

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