February 07, 2005
Feeling kind of bloopy.
Is bloopy a word?
Well – its how I feel.
Last night we had such a blast!!! However – I have this sick little guilt in the back of my mind – feeling irresponsible for drinking so much –when I could have a microscopic fetus living within. Actually – I’m thinking that I really don’t – because the timing was so bad this month.
Then I started reading that Fertility guide again yesterday only to begin to feel that becoming pregnant was horrifically complicated – like disengaging a bomb or something.
Is it the red wire or the blue one? Or the GREEN one? My God which one, man???!!!
Needless to say, it began to seem confusing, terrifying and next to impossible. Which of course, is absurd – considering that I was born and you were born and all of us out there were conceived at some point.
Yesterday was just a day of extremes. First of all, we got up late and then proceeded to have “incomplete” sex for the FIFTH time since Thursday!!!! I’m calling this our “babymoon.”
A honeymoon is when you fly into each others arms and there are murmurs of “don’t STOP!!”. A “babymoon” is when you’re like “can we STOP now?” Enough already!!!
So instead of going to church, we had the babymoon.
Then, after we went into the living room at about 10:30, suddenly I had this overwhelming need to eat cinnamon rolls. So I mentioned this to Chad and he went to the grocery store and came back with 2 cans of the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. We each devoured an ENTIRE CAN!!!!
This is out of control.
Then the party – which I wasn’t even going to drink anything at first – but I don’t know – people were grooving and the music was playing and I just kept opening one after another. I think had seven but I may have had more. I’m not really sure, but as I said last night, I ended up with a mike in a my hand for a moment or two.
Yep, the Ginger was all back to her worldly ways- drinking and smoking and cursing a blue streak. Okay so maybe I wasn’t really cursing too much.
Ah well. It was a party. And it was a good time. Great party, too. Interesting mix of people there. We met this fascinating girl from France. She was the girlfriend of one of Allen’s friends. I think we talked for at least an hour. And she totally had the accent- She talked “like theez”
Then my brother arrived and was the guitar god for a bit. Did I mention that he is single? (In case there are any single women out there reading this.) Good catch ladies. (Check out the cast page to see the boy!) Can sing and play guitar. College graduate. Sensitive, yet manly. Loves the arts yet loves his sports.
Anyway – I will go for now. More later. The babymoon may continue tonight. I may pop a lortab in preparation.
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