Valentine’s Waits For No Man (or Woman)

February 14, 2005
Have just spent the last few HOURS calling two dozen restaurants to try and make reservations for tonight. I knew what to expect – but that tiny speck of hope that still lives somewhere deep inside of me imagined a forlorn college dude canceling his big plans at the last minute because his hot date made plans with someone she met outside of Abercrombie and Fitch. Why is it that I can’t apply this sort of active imagination to my writing, I do not know . . .

Anyway – throughout this whole process I am exasperated because SOMEONE (ahem, ahem) did NOT make reservations. And then I began to think to myself – “well – is that totally his responsibility?” I don’t know. Since he manages the money – you might think so. But – I was the one who remembered at least 3 weeks ago. I was the one who mentioned in the car- hey we need to make reservations.

ANYway – we’ve ended up at The Black Forest Café – a downtown German eatery which should prove to be interesting. I love German food and should fit right in with this whole new look I’m sporting. He wasn’t sure that it was “valentinesy” enough- which translates to “expensive.”. Of course when I told the man that I’d made reservations at Taste of San Marco – at $150 a couple, I could practically hear the defibrillator paddles warming up in the background. I mean – it did include a five course meal, free champagne and they had an opera singer in there serenading people.

All this means one thing – that I would have to put on a pair of panty hose. I’m sorry but it’s just not worth it.

This whole Valentine’s Day thing is a little sickening – AND I HAVE A VALENTINE!!! I don’t know – just seems like it’s this day filled with unfulfilled expectations, pricey dinners and superficial sentiment. Very forced. Like when Granny used to make us “hug and kiss” the sibling we’d just punched in the stomach to make amends.

In other news –

Took a pregnancy test yesterday morning.


Am now five days late but feel the twinges of the period about to happen. And I tell you this –if that damn period starts tonight I am going to be SO PISSED. We decided to forgo our romantic tryst on Saturday night and save it for Vday (night). He even skipped 2 doses of the medication so we’d both have a “happy ending.” Is that TMI?

Anyway – more later.

XOXOXOXO (bleccch)

What’s the symbol for “vomit?” How about I do VPVPVPVP – standing for vomits and pukes, vomits and pukes. . .
I need to get some rest. My brain is not functioning.

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