Attack of the Killer Cramps

February 17, 2005
So Lady Macbeth is here in full force and has brought her friends, the Manson Family, with her. (I’ve decided to go ahead and name my cramps while I’m at it.)

As of now, they are scraping the words “helter skelter” on the walls of my uterus.

Anyway – I was telling someone I work with who knows about this whole fertility saga, that starting your period while you are trying to get pregnant is like building a nursery and then waking up to see that it has completely collapsed.

Okay – so maybe that’s a little dramatic.

Anyway – I just took half of a lortab 7 so I could feel good but not too good. Hopefully I won’t end up stoned out of my mind. I didn’t take it on an empty stomach or anything.

Well more later – lots of work to be done.

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