She’s Lovin’ It!

February 17, 2005
I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that my mother works for the distributor for McDonald’s. She’s worked for them for about 12 years now, I think – maybe 13, both here in Louisiana and in Minnesota where she now lives.

You would think that becoming an insider in the entire world of McDonald’s would make her jaded and disgusted.

Not the case.

My mother is, to put it lightly, obsessed with McDonald’s.

She has a large (and rather frightening) collection of Ronald McDonald paraphernalia at her house (including a big lego Ronald worth hundreds of dollars, I’ve been told). She also collects the happy meal toys, sends me McDonald articles, and on and on.

When she worked for the distributor in Louisiana, if a case of something fell while they were loading it onto a truck – they couldn’t ship it and so everyone in the office would divvy it up. Needless to say, things were "falling" off of the trucks about twice a week.

I can’t even explain the sheer glee of arriving home from school to find a giant IV looking bag of McD’s hot fudge and hot caramel sitting on your counter.

McRib’s anyone? We had at least 200 of them in our freezer at one point. Let me just say that they don’t look so tasty before they get dipped in their “signature sauce” (i.e. McNugget bbq dipping sauce removed from the packets and dumped into a vat). Imagine a rectangular ribbed gray piece of unidentified mutant meat. Looked like something someone stole off the set of Aliens.

Hmmm – we had a crisper drawer full of the little butter packets and the hot cake syrup at one point.

We also had a case of frozen hot apple pies, frozen apple cinnamon muffins, and Cajun McChicken patties (which are super extra hot if heated in one’s home microwave.)

Ahhhh McMemories . . . .

She still gives sends me industrial sized bags of the hot cocoa – which I lovingly pour into my coffee to make my own McMocha.

Anyway – this morning I received the following photo in my email which I am still laughing over. Let’s just say she appears to know what side her bread is buttered on, if you know what I mean. Just look at how provocative this looks, people! Is it just me, or does Ronald look aroused?

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