Mr. B

February 23, 2005
Is fine! Turns out he had a post-nasal drip and a sinus infection! Go figure. . .

Didn't win a damn thing at Pokeno. Oh well - there's always next time. Lori's theme was so cute, though. Turns out it's national Banana Day or something - so everything was bananas. We each had a little banana bread loaf with a banana pin attached that we could wear. We had banana daiquiris and a banana's foster cheesecake that she made from scratch! She makes the best cheesecakes!

Just wrote another chapter and sent it to my group. Bracing myself for Saturday.


Am just about to reach the point where I go off of the deep end with my health. I'm so not healthy these days. Eating whatever. So reckless with my body. It's quite disgusting. I'm starting to hurt everywhere - especially my back.

Something's about to make me snap to attention.

We shall see.

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