Babymoon Version 2.0

March 01, 2005
Well – the babymoon will be commencing again tonight. I’m looking forward to it, considering I think that I am truly ovulating this time. And all of us who have watched “Desmond Morris’ The Human Animal” know that when a woman is fertile – her desire is . . . well, shall we just say “increased.”

Ok, so I’m horny.

Had lunch with Chad today and had to physically restrain myself from tearing him to shreds. He’d just gotten a haircut and was wearing a black shirt –looking rather good. Has a little color on his face from fishing. Yyyyyyyyeah.

So – we’re doing pretty good, but I won’t talk about it here. You can read it all about it here.

Not much else going on. Am listening to the new Tori Amos cd. Liking it so far – it’s a bit strange, but then – what else is new?

Mr. B is doing much better. Barely coughing these days.

OH and since I now have a tv in my room, my literary brain has turned to jello. Haven’t picked up a book in a solid week. Have been staring at the screen like a zombie night after night and flipping channels like a wild woman.

Well that is all for now. More later.

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