March 05, 2005
I’m thinking I’m going to hit thrift stores today. Don’t think I mentioned that I found an AWESOME coat for five bux the other day at St. Vincent de Paul. Long, camel colored with toggle buttons, detachable hood – wool blend. FABU!!! AND I also purchased a Liz Claiborne tee shirt for a dollar – which fits well and is great to wear around.

Chad and I have decided that we probably shouldn’t buy clothes until we’ve lost more weight – the one exception being that we can buy stuff at thrift stores. Thus – I’m off to the races.

Anyway – for our anniversary of meeting night –we met at J. Alexanders. Why not Macaroni Grill you ask? Well – because we met there but didn’t stay there. Ended up at Portobello’s by LSU. But- since there was really nothing on the Portobello’s menu that we could eat, we settled on J’s.

Can you believe he showed up in the same exact outfit?

I was like “Did you plan this?”

He hadn’t even planned it. Bizarre.

Anyway- it was a nice evening.

Thursday night was our first weight watchers. Pretty good. And we’re off and running with all of that.

That’s about all going on around here. Nothing too spectacular. Mr. B is better, in case anyone cares.

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