It’s Official!

March 08, 2005
I just received the proposal for my new position transfer – signed by our president and my boss! I am officially in Public Relations! I can officially shake off the chains of mediocre secretary-dom – no offense to any secretaries out there – you’re awesome!


I won’t be starting until I am replaced, though – which means that I really have to help in this replacement process. I will miss my boss SO much! She’s so cool.

They haven’t hired my new boss, yet. Hope that we’ll get along well – although I have been told in the past that I can get along with anyone. Hmmm- except for my ex-boss.

I don’t know if mentioned the sermon about anger and forgiveness at our church a few weeks ago. There were about 100 tea lights lit on tables at the front of the church –and at the end of the sermon, if you had anger and unforgiveness towards someone- you could go up and blow out a candle to symbolize that you were giving it to God. Well – I blew out a candle for my ex-boss, because he’s the one person that I literally hate. Actually – I guess I shouldn’t say that anymore – because blowing out the candle did kind of help me. It will take a long time. I’m sure that I never really want to ever come in contact with him – but at least I can now drive by his house without raising my fist and screaming “BASTARD SONOFABITCH!” Actually, I haven’t really tested myself yet, but I’m sure I would pass. Life is too short, ya know?

Well anyway – that’s the news of the hour.

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