March 21, 2005
So – here’s what went down.

I’ve been waiting for the period to start – because I’ve been feeling mildly crampy. Well, it just wasn’t coming. Yesterday I was pretty crampy throughout the day and I was about to take a muscle relaxer. Then I thought, I’d better test. I don’t know why but I just had this “feeling” that I needed to.

Another weird thing is that I went to New Orleans over the weekend and I didn’t drink anything. I almost did a few times, and then I was like – Nah – better not. Even if a light beer is only 2 points.

So I went into the bathroom and took out the test. I peed on the strip and set it in the windowsill. I was thinking –Let me just wait for the negative result so I can hurry up and take my drugs. I walked into the living room for a moment and then went back to the test strip. I guess about 2 minutes had passed.


Am I dreaming?

Am I seeing this correctly?

I pick it up and study it closer. Hmmmm – yep two pink lines. I calmly walk into the living room where Chad has been snoozing in his recliner for the last hour or so. He’s just woken up and his eyes are still bleary. I hand him the test.

“It’s positive!” I say – my eyes wide with fear and excitement.

His eyes widen as well. He smiles a little. Then he goes catatonic for about 10 minutes.

I begin pacing. All of these thoughts are racing through my head at once – thoughts of false positives and labor and pink bunny nurseries and strollers and . . .

“Wasn’t it a cheap test?” he finally stammers.

“Yeah – but I think a false positive is rare.”

“Maybe we should take another test. The good one.”

“You mean the expensive one?” I reply.

He literally leaps out of his chair and is out the door in about 20 seconds.

I try to call him twice to remind him to get the early detection test. No answer.

I try again.

No answer.

I began to think that he’s flown the coop and he’s never coming back. Men sometimes do that, I’ve been told.

Then I look down and see his laptop next to the chair.

He’ll be back, alright.

He returns with smears of chocolate on his face and the clearblue easy digital read test ($15, I think).

I take it and . . . well, you saw the results on the previous page.


So – now what?

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