Bloat On

March 28, 2005
My GOD I am bloated!!! Ugh it’s horrible. I’ve been eating too much – so I suppose it serves me right. Food just tastes so good, though!


Okay okay – I need to get myself together. Actually – I didn’t really eat anything unhealthy. I had greek for lunch – mujadarah (lentils and wheat), gyros and chicken and a wheat pita. I had a powerbar for breakfast. Oh . . .

And I did have a Cadbury Caramel Egg for a mid-morning snack.


Ah – what glorious torture!!!

I haven’t gained any weight though, thank God!

I really don’t see how I didn’t though. This weekend was WILD in terms of food.

I find that I want Mexican a lot more these days. Thursday afternoon we got off of work early, so I met Clay at Izzo’s Illegal Burrito where I had the Super Felony size (that’s the medium) with grilled chicken and beans and rice and cheese and sour cream and lettuce – agh! So good!

We went to the WW meeting where I was officially kicked out. They said it was illegal to even weigh me. Can you imagine? ILLEGAL TO WEIGH!

Don’t you dare step on that scale, Ma’am or we will all be under arrest. I mean it sister, don’t come any closer!

I really attempted to hide the look of absolutely hysterical glee, but I think they could see it.

I mean, really. The irony!

We had dinner at Cracker Barrel. I got the vegetable plate. I experienced my first installments of Pregnancy Bitchery when our waitress neglected to refill my sprite for a solid 20 minutes. I stood up at one point and slammed my empty glass down on the table.

No one seemed to care or notice.

Chad asked if I wanted him to go back and refill it himself, but I gained control of my emotions and said that I didn’t think we should be banned from ever coming back because of that stupid ho.

We left $0.00 in the tip space.

Then Friday, I went shopping for a bit in the morning and I took too long so I had to eat something because my sugar was a bit shaky. Well – Taco Bell was right there and they take plastic now – so I got the grilled stuft burrito.

Can I tell that I said “Wow!” aloud in my car after the first bite.


Attended an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. I did the nametags in calligraphy so I got a good bit of exposure. A lot of compliments and people asking if I had a business or saying I should start my own business. To which I, of course, replied – well, as a matter of fact . . . I DO!

This was also a great opportunity to see what people are naming their kids these days. Interesting. A lot of Lilys and Emmas and Matthews. We had a couple of Sophies- and I really like that one.

Chad and I are debating daily now. We know we probably shouldn’t be, especially since we don’t even have a clue about the sex of the baby – AND since I haven’t even gone to the doctor yet to check on things. . .

So far – Zachary if it’s a boy. Zoë or Julia if it’s a girl. Or maybe Sophie. Or Mallory. Or Margot.

We shall see.

Yesterday was Easter – in all of it’s sinful gorgery. My grandmother cooked an absurd amount of food. I did try to eat mostly veggies, though. Then we went to his aunt’s and although I was miserable from eating earlier – I ate some chips and dip and a little dessert.

Chad and I were both so ill when we got home.

We spent the afternoon shouting out baby names and laughing until we practically cried. It was great fun and everyone was in on it.

All in all – a good day.

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