March 31, 2005
I just called the doctor’s office to ask them to PLEASE move my appointment up to Friday the 8th.

“Well are you having problems, Ma’am?”

“Well – no – I just want to get in there and be checked out.”

“Well I’m sorry but we just can’t see you any sooner.”


I am angry.

Meanies! So insensitive.

I momentarily considered thinking of another doctor, but I’ve seen this one for over 10 years. Not only that – but she is really great. It’s those damn front desk hos.

I did attempt to try another doctor at one point because this one is so booked. This was a few years ago.

When I showed her a “problem area” she said:

“Wow. You really scratched the hell out of that.”

The last thing she said to me before leaving so I could cry quietly and get dressed was,

”Hey – next time I see you – I’d like to see 20 pounds less of you.”

Needless to say – I will deal with the desks hos and just let it go.

I am so tired today. I literally thought about napping in the elevator as it went from floor 2 to floor 1. I am also NAUSEATED. Yuck! I can’t think of one thing that I would like to eat. Not one.

I’m still thinking. . .

Nothing is coming to mind.

French fries.

Alas – I don’t think those hold any nutritional value.

What a disaster! First of all, you have this child inside of you that needs nourishment and yet – you feel like you can’t nourish it properly because you don’t want to eat because you’re nauseated because of the child inside you!

Perhaps I should drive to Wendy’s and get a baked potato and a fruit tray.


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