April 05, 2005
Today is my one year blogiversary! Can you believe itís been a year already? Wow!!!

So Ė Iím going to respond to the year ago me in italics:

Allow myself to introduce . . . myself
Bonjour! This is my very first entry! I'm supposed to be working so I will have to keep this short and sweet.

Thatís funny. Your future self (thatís me right now in 2005) is also supposed to be working.

Will tell you more about myself when I have the chance.

You werenít kidding about that one, were you?
-in brief-
I am 28 years old.
Make that 29.
I am married to a pretty cool guy named Chad.
I suppose heís still pretty cool. Maybe heís VERY cool, now. Nah Ė we wonít push it.
(As I'm typing this, I'm thinking - is this how I define myself - by age first, then marital status? Should I have started with - I don't know - height, maybe? Shampoo preference? It's just bizarre that the most important thing about me is my age - as far as lists go . . .)
I'm plus-sized - but hope to not be for too much longer. (Blah blah- insert every unhappy-to-be-so big girl's mantra here)
Sorry to tell you honey, but youíre still plus sized AND youíre PREGNANT!
I love dachshunds!!!!
AND otters!
My dachshund is Mr. B aka Barkley. He, my husband and I have a very bizarre love triangle at home, which I'm sure will be the bulk of many an interesting future entry.
I'm a cancer survivor!
(Also should be the bulk of some interesting entries pour la futur)
I like to throw french phrases in sentences once in a while. C'est d'accord? (I probably didn't even phrase that correctly)
Didnít really do that too much. Cíest la vie!
Ok- must go for now

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