The Bitching Hour is Upon Us

April 06, 2005
Im thinking of getting a switchblade -so I can whip it out at angry intervals and threaten to cut people.

Bitch I will CUT YOU!

Sadly I cant even really go into WHY I am SO VERY PISSED OFF right now. Well maybe I can

First I will say that I dont think that my husband has a clear understanding of what I am going through right now. This has led to some confusion at home about tasks such as dinner and cleanliness, etc. I will say, in his (very small) defense that I am not the neatest person in the world and that, YES, I do need to begin to start making changes to some of my nasty little habits. HOWEVER the time to mention this to me is not when I am exhausted and about to vomit.

I think thats all Ill say about that. Its just a misunderstanding him thinking that nothing is going to change except that Im going to become the SUPER-CLEANING AWESOME MOMMY and me wanting to cut him.

But I digress.

My other problem is that someone I know will not stop calling me and bugging me and emotionally vomiting on me. I almost threatened to cut this person as well but decided against it for legal reasons.

Im trying to get in touch with this new bitchy me but were having problems connecting and making any effective changes. For instance I went to the pharmacy the other day to get my meds (that I had called in at 8:00 am and requested that they be ready for 5:30 pm). Well, I drive up and the chick says Oh sorry they wont be ready for another 45 minutes.

Instead of threatening to cut her and demanding my drugs that I HAD CALLED IN WAAAAAAAAAY EARLIER, I just said:

Okay. Whatever. And drove off. And I wasnt even angry.

I kept thinking all the way home, Why didnt I go ballistic on these people?

I think Im just too tired to.

Does that make any sense?

Anyway Ill close for now. Perhaps later on I will submit a list of 11 people that I would like to cut.

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