April 07, 2005
Okay I now know whom I would like to cut MOST OF ALL!!!

Remember the old PR Hag that used to be here? The one that I feared would suck out my very soul if I ever went to work for her? The one who gave me a “courtesy interview” and then didn’t choose me and then she quit and I got the job anyway?

Well, apparently her evil continues.

She’s been spreading rumors that I have been sending her confidential information via email about our company on the sly behind my boss’ back.


And you can just GUESS who confronted me about this first thing this morning . . .

That’s right –


She’d heard this from someone earlier this morning.

Of course this is NOT TRUE!! So – I, of course denied it and told her I hadn’t had ANY contact with that old bat and don’t really care to. (I personally believe she may be some sort of witch.)

She believes me, which I am grateful for. I even offered all of my deleted mail items from the server – everything I’ve ever sent if they’d like to see it. I even offered all my gmail stuff.

What a BITCH!!! And the funny thing is this – we knew what she wanted from us – my boss and I. It’s something I created a long time ago. Well – the thing that she wanted is too big to email. So there’s no WAY I could have emailed it to her. STUPID BITCH!

At first I was like “whatever – you know I would NEVER do that.” And my boss was all “yeah I didn’t think you would and I believe you.” But the more that I think about it – the more mad I become. The more I want to CUT!!!!

I don’t know what will happen if I ever come into contact with this whore. She has fucked with the wrong pregnant woman.

I’ll just blame it on the hormones.

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