What I Would Be Doing . . .

April 11, 2005
If I were independently wealthy and didnt have to work while pregnant:

Right about now (9:30 am), Id lay down for nap number one of the day. Id cuddle with Mr. B in the bed and put on Turner Classic Movies. Did I mention that I am now OBSESSED with this channel? I cannot get enough of old movies. I think I watched five this weekend- in between naps.

Anyway- after nap number one, I might enjoy a small snack of something dipped in marinara sauce. I also cannot get enough of this stuff. I find that I constantly want tomato based meals. Not raw tomatoes, though. I dont care for those.

While enjoying my snack I would watch more TCM. If I didnt like what was on, I would watch one of the recorded movies that are in my DVR cache. I actually printed out the TCM schedule for April and May and brought it to Mamie, so she could highlight movies that I should see if I havent seen them before.

I would probably surf the web while watching TV check my gmail read blogs.

Lunch something lite.

After lunch nap #2.

After the nap Dr. Phil and Oprah perhaps a little laundry. Id start thinking about what Id like to cook for dinner. And then . . . Chad would come home and wed share our evening together.

Now I ask you what could be more perfect?

In other news Ive been hungry. And by hungry sadly, I dont mean hungry for long buffets of green veggies and lean fish. Lets put it this way my breakfast yesterday SEVEN waffles.

Yes seven.

However, I did make up for it by having a totally vegetarian dinner green beans, carrots and pintos (for protein). AND I havent gained any weight yet.

Ah well - the day of reckoning will arrive on Friday at my first OB appointment when they request that I wire my jaws shut.

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