The First Visit

April 16, 2005

Well, the visit went fine. Of course, according to their scales, I’ve gained 7 pounds!!! But – I wasn’t shocked. For the last 2 weeks I’d been “relishing in the flavors of the pregnant palate.” However- that time must come to an end- and for good reason.

Anyway – Chad did get to see the wonders of the pelvic exam – from the side of course. He said- “didn’t look difficult to me.”

Of course, this is the same man, who, when at my side at the hospital 2 years ago while I wept for 3 solid hours because I’d been catheterized and it HURT said:

“It doesn’t hurt that bad, does it? Come on – stop crying. ”

You all need to pray that he will acquire a new level of compassion before we get to the delivery room.

Anyway – she said she couldn’t feel the outline of my uterus. I asked- Is it because of my “ample belly.” She laughed and said “well, maybe, and you’re tense.”

So she ordered a sonogram for next Friday. She said we’d be able to actually see our little baby and it would give her a better idea of how far along I actually am.

My doctor was really wonderful. She did everything to make me feel at ease. I was so worried I’d be treated like a freak, but she was so good. She didn’t say “how dare you get pregnant at this weight” or “well since you’re so fat, this is going to be difficult.”

She just said- “I don’t want you to gain any more weight. It’s not going to be hard. You’ll see.”

She said I should try to STAY AWAY FROM CARBS!!! (Immediately cue extreme need for macaroni and cheese and the entire contents of a Holsum Bread truck.)

She said get lots of protein and veggies and get my carbs from fruit. I don’t guess you could consider mac and cheese a fruit?

So we left with a large bag of goodies and good feelings. Overall- good. And next week I’ll be able to post the sonogram pics!!! Hurrah!

Anyway – after our appointment we ate a non-carb friendly lunch at Ninfa’s (I decided I would start today) and then he took me to the ZOO!!

The otters were fabulous!!!!! We had an awesome day of togetherness.


Otter pics coming soon.

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