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April 18, 2005
I just found the greatest site!!! Itís called This is going to be a lifesaver for me!

First of all itís completely free. After you register and login, it asks for height, weight, etc and then it asks how much weight your doctor has asked you to gain. So I said between 0 and 0 pounds. Well Ė it spit out this little plan for me! And it lets me add food just like on fitday. It has a ton of stuff in its database.

Did you know that in order to maintain my gigantor size, I can consume between 2890 and 3190 calories per day?!?!?

I donít know how Iím going to do this!

So far today, Iíve only had 959 calories Ė and I had my afternoon snack. I guess my doctor was right. It isnít going to be as hard as I thought. But donít certain things become even ďmore calorificĒ after youíve consumed them? I donít know.

I have a hard time trusting labels because I keep thinking ĖI know it says itís only 174 calories but I know itís charging interest on my ass and it really ends up being like 250 calories because of the sugar content. Oh and Iím trying to lower my sugar intake as well. Iím looking to fruits for my dessert.

Of course Ė when certain people that I live with demand pies and cookies . . . Well Ė I just donít know how that will help me at all with that stuff hanging around.

Anyway Ė hurrah for the new site! It may just save me from gestational diabetes.

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