Notes from a New Office

April 19, 2005
Well- todayís going okay so far. Iím in my new office with its amazing closing-door. I went to Churchís fried chicken today after I saw the banner yesterday listing their Texas Chicken with only 3g carbs.

Itís a HALF of a chicken!

And I ate every last piece Ė like a starved wolf. Then I ate corn on the cob and let the juices drip down my face. I must have looked like a rooting pig. Ah well Ė I ate in my office with the DOOR CLOSED and only Georgi was in here and she doesnít care.

Iím relatively bored because I really donít know what to do first. I mean my new boss is getting acquainted with things so itís not like sheís going to be handing me any projects. And this is the kind of position where you pretty much have to wait for projects. Guess I will research the finer arts of public relations Ė considering I had one class in it about 8 years ago.

Tonight we are going to P.F. Changs! Iím so excited. I can eat brown rice and maybe some beef! Hurrah!

Iím really looking forward to Friday and the sonogram. Iím guessing it will be the probe kind and not the nice, innocent paddle kind. I actually donít mind the probe. Iíve had it before Ė when I was first diagnosed with cancer and I had the full body cat scan. They saw cysts on my ovaries and they wanted me to go to a gyno. Thatís when I first started going to Dr. Peek, my gyno Ė actually thatís when I first went to any gyno.

I remember, they put this tiny condom on the end of the probe (which resembles a miniature light saber Ė I guess itís about the size of a large curling iron) and then ďwent to work.Ē I was thinking ďI canít believe thereís a condom in me and Iím a virgin. How weird is that?Ē

Anyway Ė even then, to my virgin vagina, it was no big deal. So it shouldnít be bad. Of course, if they start ďsteering it aroundĒ then it might be a bit of a problem.

Iím wearing maternity khakis today and the waist is nearly up to my neck. I guess I have a lot of growing to do Ė which I canít even imagine.

Well Ė not too much to say. Bored. Tired. Just ate a ton of food and donít feel that full. I know I need to be super proactive and look for great reference websites for PR and program the fax machine Ė but I really just want to get down on the floor under my desk and nap.

With the door closed.

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